Aldgate Valley Nature Walk, Stage 1.

Take your dog or Ride a Bike
Today I thought I'd take my dogs, Micky and Pepper, and find out first hand about the Aldgate Valley Nature Walk.
Stage 1 is between Aldgate and Aldgate Valley Reserve, goes along footpaths, gravel roads and wide tracks, so you can take your dogs on a leash or ride a bike.
We started at the Aldgate Valley Reserve, up Shanks Road and onto Aldgate Valley Road.
If you know this road you are probably gasping with fear, it's narrow, windy and no place for walkers.
But, do not despair, the small distance you walk along this road has a wide road verge and is very safe.
And, check out the view you get down onto the reserve.
View down to Aldgate Valley Reserve from Aldgate Valley Road.
Next it's up Blackwood Lane. You won't miss it. The trail is well sign posted.
Blackwood Lane
It's an easy walk, peaceful too. On the way we passed some properties involved in The Valley of the Bandicoots project.
Even the roadside vegetation a little further on is magnificent.
Now we're heading along Cambridge Road. Still easy going and really very relaxing. The sunlight on the leaves just glistening and the cool air feels good.
The tree on the right was full of birds. I know you can't see them in the photo, but they were certainly there. Lovely.
Now we get to stroll through a very precious piece of bush coming up to Stirling Cemetry.
This walk has plenty of variety, lots to look at.
Aldgate Primary School is certainly leading the way in engaging with nature and the bush environment. On the walk we saw some of their plantings, "The Wirra" and read their excellent interpretive sign.
Aldgate Primary school's "The Wirra" and some of their plantings along Strathalbyn Road.
Even the walk into the main street along Strathalbyn road is pleasant.
And at the end there's some cafes to top up your caffine levels.
Stage 1 of the Aldgate Valley Nature Walk is an easy walk, varied, interesting and picturesque. Dogs on leash are fine and my two loved sniffing their way along the paths, tails wagging happily.

It's really uplifting to see the efforts of so many volunteers, private land holders and the school in caring for our local area so well. These people are so unselfish and forward looking. They truly act for the benefit of everyone in our community.

I really enjoyed this walk and can highly recommend it.

Find the Brochure here - Aldgate Valley Nature Walk.